मेरा गन्तव्यहीन यात्राहरु

यतिका बर्ष बितिसकेछन मेरा कुनै लक्ष्य बिनानै । अब जीउनु पनि कति नै छ र बाँकि यस धर्तीमा ? अनि के नै पो गर्न सक्छु र मेरा बाँकि जिन्दगीमा? फगत जीउनु सिवाए । लक्ष्यहरु प्राप्तिको लागि जीन्दगीका दौरानमा अनेकौ हण्डर पनि खाइयो, तर अपसोच! गन्तब्यमा नपुग्दै मेरा ती सबै लक्ष्यहरु बीचबाटोमै चकनाचुर हुन्थे । हेरौं, यी मेरा बाँकि जीन्दगीमा लक्ष्य प्राप्ति हुनेछ या छैन? तरपनि गन्तव्यहीन यात्रामा लक्ष्य प्राप्तिको लागि मेरो हर प्रयास रहनेछ.....रहिरहनेछ

मेरा भावना...

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धन कमाउने ठूलो सपना देख्दै छु म विदेशमा
थाकेको यो ढाड घाममा सेक्दै छु म विदेशमा

उहाँ छँदा नाम्लो पनि नछोएका हातहरूले
सकी नसकी भारीहरू थेग्दै छु म विदेशमा

सक्दिनँ म हिँड्न पनि दुखिएका पैतालाले
ऐया ! आमा भन्दै भुइँ टेक्दै छु म विदेशमा

गौरीशंकर हिमाल

गौरीशंकर हिमाल

Rolwaling Region

Rolwaling Himalayan range one of the most challenging trekking region of the Nepal. West of the Khumbu valley, northeast of Kathamndu and southern to the Tibetan Plateau. The valley is famous for Cho Rolpa Glacier Lake (4540m), high route through Tashi Lapcha Pass (5755m) and its diverse culture. Next to the Khumbu valley where large settlement of the indigenous Sherpa people and their cultural life-style can be observe during the trek.

The lonely high valley "Rolwaling" consider as graveyard of the Sherpas, which is hemmed in by mountain on both sides with the bulk of Mt. Gaurishanker (7145m) on the north. The most popular settlements in the valley are- Beding village (3510m) and Na Gaun (4120m) Trekkers may spend a few days in the Rolwaling area ascending to the Na Yak Pastures at 4700m. Here trekkers are greeted by a spectacular panorama of the Mt. Gaurichanker and Menlungtse peak.

Above Na village the route meanders up to the high lake Cho Rolpa and up to the lateral moraines of the Rolwaling glacier walking below the Rolwaling Icefall (5181m). After two day of rugged glacier walking one reaches high Tashi Lapcha Pass (5755m). On the other side of the Tashi Lapcha, the trail drops down into Theng Po and next day Thame village (3800m) on the Khumbu Valley. On the way pass just above dramatic views of Ramdung peak (5945m) and Pharchamo (6187m) are unforgettable.


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