मेरा गन्तव्यहीन यात्राहरु

यतिका बर्ष बितिसकेछन मेरा कुनै लक्ष्य बिनानै । अब जीउनु पनि कति नै छ र बाँकि यस धर्तीमा ? अनि के नै पो गर्न सक्छु र मेरा बाँकि जिन्दगीमा? फगत जीउनु सिवाए । लक्ष्यहरु प्राप्तिको लागि जीन्दगीका दौरानमा अनेकौ हण्डर पनि खाइयो, तर अपसोच! गन्तब्यमा नपुग्दै मेरा ती सबै लक्ष्यहरु बीचबाटोमै चकनाचुर हुन्थे । हेरौं, यी मेरा बाँकि जीन्दगीमा लक्ष्य प्राप्ति हुनेछ या छैन? तरपनि गन्तव्यहीन यात्रामा लक्ष्य प्राप्तिको लागि मेरो हर प्रयास रहनेछ.....रहिरहनेछ

मेरा भावना...

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धन कमाउने ठूलो सपना देख्दै छु म विदेशमा
थाकेको यो ढाड घाममा सेक्दै छु म विदेशमा

उहाँ छँदा नाम्लो पनि नछोएका हातहरूले
सकी नसकी भारीहरू थेग्दै छु म विदेशमा

सक्दिनँ म हिँड्न पनि दुखिएका पैतालाले
ऐया ! आमा भन्दै भुइँ टेक्दै छु म विदेशमा

Dolakha in brief

1.An introduction of “Dolakha”
Dolakha district is considered to be one of the beautiful tourist destinations carrying historical and religious significance that is rich in captivating natural beauties. The exhilarating view of some of the world famous mountain ranges, Dolakha district can be one of the major tourist destinations.
Despite being one of the districts having an immense potential of becoming one of the major tourist destinations, Dolakha still remains somewhat backward in comparison to other tourist destinations. Due to the lack of government's concern and facilities, the district has been held back from proving its tourism potential.
People in Dolakha district have been lobbying hard to the government and other non-government organizations associated with tourism business to jointly prepare tour and trekking packages focusing the Dolakha district.

Dolakha is a mountaionous District of Janakpur Zone in the central Development Region.situated at a distance of 132 km .From the capital of the Kingdom-Kathmandu .The district headquarter of Dolakha is “Charikot”.Siali, the lowest part of the district is 732 meter above sea level whereas the highest part Mt.Gauri shankar is 7134 meter above sea level .Dolakha extends from north to east consisting of 51VDCs and 1muncipality .Dolakha is an attractive tourist destination and the people of Dolakha are eager to welcome tourist in their district.

2. Historical Background of Dolakha Dolakha is also important from historical perspective.The district encompasses the history of both the Kirat and the Lichehhavi period. It is believed that the King of Dolakha Jaya Indra Sing Dev was the first ruler to have introduced coins in Nepal. It is mentioned in history that he ruled from B.S. 1591 to 1605.

3. Beding – The home of Everest conquerors
Beding village is located in Ward No.1of Gauri Shankar VDC.The village is inhabited by the sherpas only and the prime source of their livelihood is climbing mountains.Sherpas are world famous mountainers,capable of climbing mountains without formal education and training.More than 29 people of the village have already scaled Mt.Everest .Visit this matchless picturesque village of the mountaineers and interact with the legendary Sherpas.

4.Temba Tsheri-Snow boy of Dolakha
Temba Tsheri Sherpa,16,resident of Gauri Shankar VDC Ward NO.5,Tashinam village,scaked Mt.Everest on May 24,2001,setting the new world record as the youngest climber .This young Sherpa boy is not only the pride of Dolakha,but the country as well.Let’s congratulate this brave boy for this extraordinary courage and feat.

5. Tsho Rolpa Glacier Lake
The world famous Glacier Lake “Tsho Ropla” is also situated in the vally of Rolwaling of Gauri Shankar VDC.Ward No.1.Situated at an altitude 4500 meter,this proglacial lake is also the country.Rolwaling is the destination for adventure seekers.

6.Jiri-Gateway to Everest
Jiri Bazaar is one of Dolakha's important tourist and business centre. Situated 188 kilometers from Kathmandu, this valley has gained an international recognition as it is the gateway to the Mt Everest. Rich in natural beauties, Jiri Bazaar is also valued for its agricultural farms, dairy products and its distinctive traditions. Jiri Bazaar, also known as Zurich of Nepal, is also famous for the Jata Lake, which lies 4500 meters high from the sea level. Jata Lake of Shyama VDC is regarded as important destination from both religious and tourism perspective. 

7. Mt.Gauri Shankar
The 7,134 meter high Gauri Shankar Himal is located in Rolwaling area of Dolakha.The standard time of Nepal is measured from this place.Mt.Gauri Shankar symbolizes Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati, the protector deities of the Hindus. The peak is not open for climbing.

8.Thrill in the River Tamakoshi
Tamakoshi River is best suited for rafting and other adventure activities.

9. Innumerable Places for Trekking & sightseeing
Dolakha offers innumerable attraction for both short and long trek.Green hills,villages,river & rivulets, lakes & glaciers, the valley, mountains etc. Of Dolakha make it one of the most attractive tourist destination in Nepal.

10.Tashi Monastery
Tashi Gumba in the district that lies 13 miles to the North at the height of 8235 feet has become the centre of attraction of Bigu village. Established on 1933 by Lama Duppa Rimpuchhe of Bhutan, Tashi Gumba is one of famous gumbas that produce female monks. Bigu village of Dolakha is also famous for Aalampu slate stones mine and Bahula Lake, which is important from both religious and tourism point of view.

11. A Unique Settlement of Various Ethnic Groups
Dolakha is hone to various ethnic groups such as Jirel,Thami and Surel which is not found in other districts. This fact could be an interesting subject for sociological research and special interest tourist.

12. Dolakha Bhimsen(Bhimeshwor)
Also known as “One Icon. Three Incarnations” the temple of Lord Bhimsen, the deity with boundless power, is situated in the historical town of Dolakha (Avayapur). Situated 4.5 kilometers to the north-east of district headquarters, Charikot, ancient city of Dolakha is considered to be the land of faith, religion and beauty. The famous temple of Bhimeshwor situated in this place is believed to possess divine power of sensing misfortunes that are about to strike in the country. Legend has it that perspiration glistens on the statue of Bhimeshwor Mahadev whenever any misfortune is about to strike in the nation. Established during the Kirant period, the Hindu devotees gather in this temple during the occasions such as Bala Chaturdarshi, Bhim Ekadashi and Ram Nawami.

13.Tripura Sundari.Temple

 14.Kalinchowk Temple
Situated 5 miles to the north from Charikot, headquarters of the district, Kalinchwok Bhagwati Temple is one of the important place carrying religious significance. Thousands of devotees flock to this temple every year during the festivals such as Ram Nawami, Janai Purnima and Bada Dashain to celebrate these religious festivities. Twenty meters high Gumba, discovered nearby of Kalinchwok Bhagwati Temple has added extra attraction to this temple. Besides, religious significance this place also offers various scenic natural beauties that attract tourists. The pristine Kalinchwok Mai Lake that lies 3840 meters above the sea level is one of the major attractions of this place. The thick green wilderness and the panoramic view of mountain ranges, pasture and the forest blossoming with various types of rhododendron seen from the Kalinchwok hill is awe-inspiring.

To the south-west from Charikot at the height of 3500 meter, there is a place called Shailung, also known as Saya Thumkako Danda, and there lays Shailungeshwor Mahadev Temple considered very important from the religious point of view. Three hours walk from Mude Bazaar, situated in the middle of Dolakha and Sindhupalchwok district, this temple is known for the grand fair that is held once in every twelve years and the fairs held during the occasion of Janai Purnima and Bala Chaturdarshi. Shailung hill is equally important from tourism perspective as well. It offers the exquisite view of various mountain ranges including the Mt. Everest, Machhapuchhre and Ganesh. 

 Charikot is a district headquarters and geographically beautiful city town. 133 Km. from Kathmandu, 4 hours by Car & half day by bus, Charikot provides a spectacular mountain views, the prominent peak being Gaurishankar(7134). We can visit Rolwaling range, Tamakoshi River, green hills and settlements in one time from beautiful small Green City, Charikot.

17.Traditional Craft & Technology
Traditionally people of Dolakha have engaged in different cottage industries.Dolakha is famous for its traditional craft & technology, especially Thanka paintings, production of cheese,radi(carpets),allo(himalayan nettle), bamboo goods & woodcraft etc.


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