मेरा गन्तव्यहीन यात्राहरु

यतिका बर्ष बितिसकेछन मेरा कुनै लक्ष्य बिनानै । अब जीउनु पनि कति नै छ र बाँकि यस धर्तीमा ? अनि के नै पो गर्न सक्छु र मेरा बाँकि जिन्दगीमा? फगत जीउनु सिवाए । लक्ष्यहरु प्राप्तिको लागि जीन्दगीका दौरानमा अनेकौ हण्डर पनि खाइयो, तर अपसोच! गन्तब्यमा नपुग्दै मेरा ती सबै लक्ष्यहरु बीचबाटोमै चकनाचुर हुन्थे । हेरौं, यी मेरा बाँकि जीन्दगीमा लक्ष्य प्राप्ति हुनेछ या छैन? तरपनि गन्तव्यहीन यात्रामा लक्ष्य प्राप्तिको लागि मेरो हर प्रयास रहनेछ.....रहिरहनेछ

मेरा भावना...

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धन कमाउने ठूलो सपना देख्दै छु म विदेशमा
थाकेको यो ढाड घाममा सेक्दै छु म विदेशमा

उहाँ छँदा नाम्लो पनि नछोएका हातहरूले
सकी नसकी भारीहरू थेग्दै छु म विदेशमा

सक्दिनँ म हिँड्न पनि दुखिएका पैतालाले
ऐया ! आमा भन्दै भुइँ टेक्दै छु म विदेशमा

Let's go Champuja Hariyali Park, Dolakha Nepal

Champuja Hariyali park
Champuja Hariyali(Greenery) park is the new and modern form of destination of Dolakha district. This is one of the most beautiful park in Dolakha, also known as Tripura Udhyan. This park is situated at Dolakha district, Bhimeshwor municipality-4, Dungal tole. It is about 5 km far from district head quarter Charikot and just ahead of most famous religious temple of Bhimeshwor & Kali Mandir. 
The park is located just beside the ancient Tripurasundari temple of Dolakha. This park is situated in the height of 1620 meters above sea level and absolute location of this park is 270 41’ north and 86002’ east.
you can view Gaurishankar Mountain
The most charming feature of thispark is to see RolwalingHimalayan Range with Mt.Gaurishanker, Mt. Malungse, Kang Nachu Go, Drangag Go, Ghugim Go and Bigphera Go etc; are smiling at you. Similarly the enormous hills Cherdung, Khawadanda, Hanumente, Ganesh Thumki, Kalinchwok and Sailungeshworare ready to embrace you at this point. 
gumtara view from champuja
Tamakosi River
 Very attractive snake shaped Tamakoshi River and Dolti khola crawling in between the beautiful Hills, humming you by their soothing voice. The most amazing scenario is the green Banarashi Kandal Community forest all around you to freshen up your eyes and breathes.
Location of Champuja
The Kamlati stream spiritually holywater of Banarashi temple always chanting with melodious voice. Similarly the different kinds of birds, wild animals Leopard, Jackal, Monkey, Den deer, Snakes, Lizards are trying to attract you through their own natural and miracle activities.
Do not delay, just have a visit to Champuja Hariyali Park and in the same time you can get the blessings of the goddess Tripurasundari symbol of power, god Bhimeshwor symbol of prosperity, Banarashi Mahadev symbol of holiness and different stupas of lord Buddha symbol of peace. Beautiful settlement of Sundrawati, Sunkhani, Kschetrapa, Namdu and more than 35 other VDCs of Dolakha always welcoming you by their seasonal color. The park is not only an ornament of beautiful Dolakha town, but also  precious treasures of Dolakha district.
Tripurasundari Temple
You can get more information about Champuja Hariyali Park with click this Facebook page! 
Visit Dolakha and Enjoy with Champuja Hariyali park and many others .......
 Information and photos by Tika Joshi/Satya /Krishna K Shrestha 


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